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We believe that the genetic information is utilized while considering all other information about the individual such as dietary, medical, environmental, lifestyle, quality of life and many more. JC Genetics partners with professionals in medical, diet and nutrition, skin and hair care and other domains to personalize their practices through genomics.

We invite you to be a part of our worldwide partner network powering personalized and precision healthcare and wellness practices for a happier and a healthier world.

  • You need not to worry about processes. We will train you for all the powerful genetic analysis capabilities developed by us. We offer brand name, labeling, custom report design and related support to our partners for best genetic requirements.
  • Don’t burden yourself with building an infrastructure, but leverage our work process, data analysis engine and overall expertise to deliver the personalized services to your clients. We compliment your genetic information practices in best possible manner.
  • Guide your clients with clarity. We provide extensive training on the science, technology, genetic testing process, work flow, reading health reports and all other aspects. Handle all customer queries and offer best consultation to your clients.
  • Every customer is concerned with their data privacy, especially related to health and genetics. We follow strict privacy and security policies and allow customers to delete their data anytime by requesting the same.

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